Austin cars used in the filming of James Bond 007 movies.

Manufacturer: Austin

Model: Cambridge A55 MK 11

Two used as Taxis


Technical data


Engine: 1498 cc 4-cyl, OHV

Power: 55 bhp (41 kW) at 4350 rpm.

Transmission: 4-speed Manual

Unladen weight: 2,464 lb (1,118 kg)

Length 178.5 in (4,534 mm)

Width 63.5 in (1,613 mm)

Height 59.75 in (1,518 mm)

Perfomance: Max. speed 80,4 mph

Registration Taxi 1:  Z 3877

Registration Taxi 2:  Z 5301

James Bond 007 Arives at Boatyard in a Austin Cambridge A55 MK11 Taxi
Austin Cambridge A55 MK11 Taxi 007 James Bond Jamaica Freetown

Bond offers his taxi to 2 air hostesses at thge airport.

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James Bond arives at the boatyard in a Taxi.

© Eon

The A55 Cambridge Mark II, known as the first "Farina" model because of its Pininfarina design, was produced from 1959 through to 1961. It was a rebadged Morris Oxford with altered styling and trim. It retained the 1.5 litre B-Series engine, now with an SU carburettor, and producing 55 bhp (41 kW) at 4350 rpm.


Early cars were known in the USA and Canada as the Austin Cambrian. When BMC decided to market the A55 Cambridge in North America, the company was afraid it would run afoul of Canadian copyright laws with the word "Cambridge." So the substitute name "Cambrian" was agreed on.   However, BMC's lawyers later advised the company that "Cambridge" was safe to use after all. Later cars were the A55 Cambridge in the U.S. as well as in the UK. They were imported into the USA by independant car importers Along with the later and more powerfull A60.