Cars Used in the Filming of On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Released 1969

Aston Martin DBS Bond
Ford Mercury Cougar convertible
Austin Mini
Mercedes-Benz 220 S sedan 1960
Mercedes-Benz 600 Bond
Ford Escort Mk1
Volkswagen Beetle
Rolls Royce Silver Cloud I convertible
Mercedes Benz 200 Universal 1966 W110 Bond
Mercedes Tourer

Aston Martin DBS

Austin Mini

Mercury Cougar XR7

Ford Escort MK1

Mercedes Benz 220S

Mecedes Benz 600

Mercedes Benz 200 Estate

Mercedes Tourer

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud

Volkswagen Beetle

A new James Bond, George Lazenby, is issued a new Aston Martin in the form of a DBS for his latest outing. The car features in a number of scenes throughout the film.

To evade being persued, Tracy drives herself and Bond into a circuit race, featuring a number of cars, including an Austin Mini

Bond's love interest Tracey owns a 1969 Mercury Cougar XR7 Convertible. It features throughout the film in a number of action sequences.

A number of Ford Escort MK1 cars, in racing guise,  were also featured in action scenes during the scene at the ice circuit race.

Blofeld's men persue Bond in a Mercedes Benz 220 S

Blofeld turns up to attempt to kill Bond in his silver Mercedes Benz 600, short wheelbase model.

A Mercedes Benz 200 Estate car was used in a minor scene.

An early Mercedes Touring car is featured near the end of the film. Some non original parts are fitted making it difficult to establish the exact model. Likely to be from the W11  series.

A 1968 Silver Shadow, Mulliner, Park Ward drophead coupe. Owned by Marc-Ange Draco, head of a European crime syndicate.

A Volkswagen Beetle was used by an MI6 Agent to follow Bond's antagonists.'